Morning Rituals

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As my eyes open to a new day, I give thanks for being here to experience whatever the day may bring.  I slowly stretch my muscles, and am grateful for the feeling of strength that I still experience even in middle age.  My feet slide to the floor and I reconnect with the Earth, I try to ground from my dream filled state, and begin to think of what will come after my first cup of steaming coffee.

Waking up everyday is a marvellous ritual that we have all performed since birth.  We may choose to differ that ritual as we gain wisdom and experience, it is our prerogative. Just knowing that each day holds new beginnings, an opportunity to take a chance and do things differently is such a wondrous gift.

Today for example, after my much appreciated caffeine intake, I chose to take a moment to meditate.  Just for a moment, but it enriched the start of my day immensely.  In fact, when I found myself later in the day getting stressed, I was able to recapture that moment, and breathe through it better than I would have otherwise.

What change are you going to make today?