Just Dance

Rod and I have started a new career as Respite Workers dealing with teens-adults with a variety of socio-forensic problems.  Every day is different, every day is unique, every person is unique.

What I find intriguing is that every experience tears down some of the preconceived ideas that I held dear, that seemed to give me a basis for my existence on this planet.  It is replaced with a need to” Live and Let Live” far more than I ever lived my life before.

There truly does not seem to be a “right” and “wrong” way anymore.  Yes, there are acceptable ways to behave in society in order to not cause harm to others, we all have a responsibility to protect the rights of others, but it is not as stringent as I was raised to believe.  Spontaneity is a wonderful attribute to rediscover as an adult.  What is wrong with lying out in the wet grass in the middle of the night, staring up at the sky as the rain falls gently on your face.  It took a very special young man to teach me that.

I have always considered myself to be fairly non-judgemental in my dealings with others.  Apparently, I was wrong.  So my new motto truly is:  Just Dance!


A Street Musician Playing an Electric Violin

The pure joy as witnessed in the body of this musician for his craft is contagious.  May we all be blessed with bringing such love to our passions!  What is your passion, and how do you display it?


Please click the link and enjoy!


Street Musician

A Musing

She sits there looking so achingly beautiful, mocking me.  All she wants is to be held and caressed, listened to, brought to life, and be allowed for her chords to resonate.  She is not asking too much, but I am afraid of her realizing I am not the one to release her inner vibrations.

She enticed me to bring her into my home four years ago.  So much hope and promise for our new-found love, for that is what it was, love at first sight.  I had a dream you see, and one day she presented herself to me.  In my desire to possess such fine beauty, I tossed caution to the wind, and carried her back into my world.  At first our relationship was very much give and take, and we both understood, without using words, that we needed to feel our way slowly into our combined rhythms.  Her patience was unbounded, but alas, my confidence waned, and fear took over my psyche.

I read an apropos quote today on the internet from Goddess Meets the Buddha:

“It’s impossible.” said pride.

“It’s risky.” said experience.

“It’s pointless.” said reason.

“Give it a try.” whispered the heart.

I do believe that it is time….